Always... Patsy Cline

Objectives and Outcomes


Since the story of Always... Patsy Cline is told as a narrative by, essentially, an outsider about the central character in the story, my objective was to use pliant spaces and objects that are transformed by the narrator’s imagination.


The use of a set and props that transformed according to the narrator’s imagination yielded captivating and dynamic outcomes. This was accomplished both by creating a set designed so that the vertical walls were projectable surfaces, and with props and practical set pieces that transformed (e.g., an oven that became a jukebox). The use of pliant spaces allowed for seamless transitions between different locations within the story, creating a fluid and immersive experience for the audience.

By incorporating objects that transformed through the narrator's imagination, the play gained an element of magical realism. Everyday items became symbols or took on new meanings, blurring the line between reality and the realm of imagination. This imaginative transformation added depth and layers to the storytelling, engaging the audience's senses and stimulating their own creativity.

The outcomes of this approach included a heightened sense of wonder and discovery. The audience was transported into a world where ordinary objects became extraordinary, and where the boundaries of what is possible were expanded. This not only enhanced the overall theatrical experience but also invited viewers to explore the power of their own imaginations.

Furthermore, directing Always… Patsy Cline with pliant spaces and transformed objects allowed for innovative staging and creative expression. The concept of space was utilized as a tool for visual storytelling and symbolism. The ever-changing environment became a canvas for the narrative, enhancing the themes and emotions conveyed by the actors.

Overall, the outcomes Always… Patsy Cline using pliant spaces and objects transformed by the narrator's imagination were rich and multifaceted. It brought a sense of enchantment, encouraged audience engagement, and offered a unique theatrical experience that blurred the lines between reality and imagination.